Nisza Zine 09 feat. Marick Roy aka Meur from Besançon, France. Check check check below! 🥵

How would you define your aesthetic? Which artists or movements have influenced its foundation?

MEUR: I try to keep an ambiguity between digital and reality in my work. It can be considered as a digital exploration of sculpture and installation. All of this is varnished with a childish, technical and referenced aesthetic. I feel influenced by a lot of different domain. Pedagogic tools, toys, industrial aesthetic, contemporary graffiti scene, neoclassicism, cubism, ….But I think the most important influence comes from my friends @don_calumez@gaboul._ and @stanislas996.

What is your usual work process like?

M: I never really remember where my ideas come from. There are so many images passing by my eyes every day. I usually talk about certain ideas with my friends, then I start working on it. Sometimes by myself or with a team if they also feel inspired by the idea. Every project is different and the process and way of working is too.

Whats the perfekt environment to display your work?

M: I would really love to have a specific answer to this question, but I conceive and produce my work digitally, so I think a screen is the best way to enjoy it. The environment doesn’t really matter though. It is usually up to the spectator and how they see and feel about specific productions and artworks.

What is your next or current project?

M: A lot of my energy is currently focused on a big team project that is about to be launched. Besides that I’m also working on some cover artwork.

As an artist what are your goals and dreams? What have you already accomplished?

TP: As an artist/designer, my dream is to continue to work with my usual collaborators who are also my very longtime friends. Continue to work with family and with passion. Develop a diversity in my creations and trying out new mediums. As an accomplishment I consider the relationship with my team and the way we are growing together.

What is your soundtrack?

Who are your favorite artists at the moment or someone you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Last words

M: Thanks a lot for your interest, and thank you for your work. I wish you all a long life.


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